MaxN-Fuze is Nutritional Replenishment that’s specifically designed to provide both direct and indirect anti-oxidants along with important vitamins and nutrients. This proprietary blend works together to help support your body’s glutathione levels and defend against outside influences and attackers like free radicals, chemical toxins, and heavy metals.

MaxN-Fuze assists your cells in functioning at optimal levels. Use MaxN-Fuze once a day as a stand-alone vitamin supplement or with any of Max International's glutathione supporting products.

Invigorate and Infuse with Multi-Vitamin Support.

Renew, Revitalize and Restore with MaxN-Fuze

The Support Your Body Needs

Enrich and Infuse your body with this delicious, 10 calorie multi-vitamin supplement.

MaxN-Fuze is a one-of-a-kind and proprietary formulation that provides key vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants required for optimal cellular function.

Each box of MaxN-Fuze provides 30 convenient powder pouches, as a dietary supplement simply mix one packet per day with 8oz of water.

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